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Monday, February 21, 2011

The weather outside is STILL frightful....

It has been snowing nonstop 27 hours, white stuff is still coming down, and for some reason they STILL did not close the University. I drove up to my parents house again last night to avoid snow emergency parking rules... I really do love coming up here, it feels so cozy and it's nice sometimes to not just be alone in my apartment.

My mom and I made some Trader Joe's multigrain cereal for breakfast, I did work for a few hours and then for lunch I had some roasted squash and onion salad from the Missisippi Market co-op that was leftover from my potluck birthday party. One great thing about hosting parties is the leftover food and beverages that come along with it - I have two delicious salads, curried hummus, a little bit each of Humboldt Fog and Mango Stilton cheese, and five bottles of wine. Both cakes (my chocolate cake and Amanda's delicious almond pear upside-down contribution) were devoured quite early on.

Please ignore the decorative shoe-pile... and I just noticed that the blinds on my living-room window are TOTALLY CROOKED. Fail.

I will write more in-depth about the immersion and some more recipes, but I'm just too wiped out from everything this weekend and I have a midterm tonight so I'll get back on that tomorrow (and Linz I will post a picture of the cake :) ). Hope you all had wonderful weekends :)


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