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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Weekend Recap, part 2!

Happy Monday! After a 6am Vinyasa class this morning, I drove up to my parents house to pick up some materials I needed for my Healthcare class, and lo and behold I am still here :) I helped my mom dismantle the tree (I mean LITERALLY dismantle... we chopped it into pieces and dragged it outside. My dad always picks out the tree and each year it gets progressively more gargantuan... yet somehow he always gets out helping take it down... but with his new hip he has no excuse right??)

I also almost hit a deer on the way up...this is not an unusual occurance, as deer tend to frolick about quite frequently in these parts. I stopped to avoid it and then waited for about 20 seconds as the deer ran around in circles trying to decide how, exactly, to get off the road. Going back the way he had come did not seem to occur to him. Deer are not the smartest... I digress.

So the second day of our valentines weekend started out with whole-wheat muffins and chocolate hazelnut strudel! The chocolate hazelnut strudel is probably my favorite of Teri's pastries (that and the little orange-flavored rolls...mmm...). I don't even want to know how many sticks of butter are in them, but in this case ignorance is definitely bliss. Besides, everyone knows that the whole wheat in the muffins cancels out the butter and chocolate.

The red plates and glasses were gorgeous, and the mango mimosas were...mmm yummy. Never to early in the day for Prosecco.

The main course was... I'm not even sure what to call it but wow it was good. Also no dearth of butter in this guy... some sort of bread-pudding benedict type concoction. Delish.

Before we hit the road we picked up some sandwiches from Water House for the road. I picked the Desdemona (ham, cheese and rosemary mayo on sourdough...real ham too, no fake deli-sliced ham here), which is probably my new favorite sandwich. I will have to figure out how to re-create it at home :).

The last stop was at our favorite wine shop - turns out when you've bought 12 bottles you get one free! So I left Lake Mills with 3 wine bottles and a six pack of beer....the only way to go out.
I figured the same concept that applies to pastries also applies to beverages, so I got some tea to balance out all the wine. Totally logical.

Now back to reality... I have three assignments due this week and I need to figure out what to cook for myself so that I actually have lunches to bring to school with me, AND I need to figure out what to make for my birthday party on Friday... chances are good that my B-day present from my parents will be involved :)

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  1. I don't the Jacques managed to take bacon and sundried tomato mayo and arugula and make me seriously consider driving back from Chicago for seconds.


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