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Who do you think you are??

Hello, internet friends! I'm Kristina, and this is my blog. These are obvious factual statements. As you've probably worked out at this point, this is not a blog about either HBO's The Sopranos or MTV's the Real World. Sorry for any confusion.

Some things about me: this morning I had Chipotle for breakfast. I frequently drop items that I'm carrying, run into furniture, and trip over things that may or may note be there. Sometimes I do cartwheels on the sidewalk for no reason. I sing to inanimate objects in my house.

Meyers-Briggs: INFJ
Zodiac: Aquarius
iPersonic: Harmony-Seeking Idealist
Aura: Blue
According to Buzzfeed, I am:
Dana Scully
Hermoine Granger
Jon Snow
Chris Traeger
Greg Lestrade

Likes: music, yoga, literature, baking, coffee, scotch, travel
Dislikes: crocs, people who walk way too slowly. seriously, figure out where you're going and then go there. it's not that hard.

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