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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Opposite Day

Because I am lazy and my current motivation level is hovering somewhere between "meh" and "none whatsoever", this will be a short blog with little to no writing and mostly pictures. However, if you consider that a picture is worth a thousand words, this post could count substantially towards that Healthcare Marketplace paper that I really do not want to write.

I decided to change it up a little this morning. It was crazy.

I had tea instead of coffee.

Took a bubble bath instead of a shower.

Had some cheese with my breakfast... and apple butter. But let's face it, anytime a triple-cream brie is involved it tends to take center stage. Cheese is pushy like that - pushy, but delicious. Get in my belly, cheese!

Walkin' on the wild side. My life is obviously very exciting and cool. OK... I'm clearly delirious and need to go to sleep. To much twistyness in yoga tonight? Or maybe it was this pose that did it?

photo by Illusive Photography on Flickr
(I'm not very good at it - my foot keeps slowly sliding down my arm towards my elbow until it just slips off. Ali says "hug the midline" which I of course interpret as yogi for "don't sweat or be slippery AT ALL." which is hard to do when you're twisted up all crazy like and hovering over the floor. It is kind of a sweat-inducing situation. And then I remembered that whole "lift up through your core instead of just flopping down on top of your arms" trick that finally helped me master Bakasana and things improved slightly).

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you want to receive a great deal, you first have to give a great deal. If each individual will give of himself to whomever he can, wherever he can, in any way that he can, in the long run he will be compensated in the exact proportion that he gives.
~ R. A. Hayward


  1. That pose looks so hard! I want to try it :) I'm just now starting to love arm balance poses and can't wait to try newer one's! Cute blog!!

  2. Gotta love a rebel (especially one who loves cheese)

  3. Thanks Stacey! I LOVE arm balances too :)

  4. Please write in your blog everyday. It makes my day infinitely better. That is all.

  5. Oh yeah I should clarify... that is not actually a picture of me. Instead of taking a picture of myself totally bombing the post I chose to find a shot of someone actually doing it well so you can see what it's *supposed* to look like...


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