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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mornings like this are why God made coffee

I got up at 5am today to bake scones for a potluck. It was still pitch dark outside...and actually, to be fair it was still pitch dark when I left at 7 to catch the bus.

You would think that getting up at 5 would be the most horrible, torturous thing ever...but the funny thing was, I actually kind of liked it. Even though it is ungodly early, I really enjoyed having 2 hours to shuffle around in my pj's, mess around with a delicious combination of flour, eggs, butter, cheese and fruit, and then curl up on the couch with a cup of steaming french-press coffee while the smell of baked goods permeated my apartment (see? If you try hard enough, you can even make getting up early sound as lovely as a tropical vacation).

I've decided to finally embrace my special relationship with coffee. I've tried several times to give it up entirely and switch over to tea (because I LOVE tea...)... but why fight what's meant to be? I'm not an addict by any means, but without just one cup in the morning I feel off for the rest of the day... and I really do only need one cup. It can even be a fairly small cup, it just needs to be coffee. There's just something so relaxing and calming about the whole routine...everything else in the world can change, but I still have my morning coffee. If Kevin Upton were here right now he'd probably tell me that the whole thing is a placebo effect and I'm being irrational...but he's not here. And so I will continue to bask in my enjoyable dependence on coffee.

FUN FACT: A couple few centuries ago, coffee was touted as a possible cure for the plague.

On an entirely different note, I had a fantastic dinner with my dad tonight at Bar La Grassa. I've been wanting to go there ever since I saw it written up in Bon Appetit, and it did not disappoint! The interior ambiance is great, with sort of a rustic, dark-wood-and-chandelier-with-an-update kind of feel, and the food is amazing. I got a mushroom pasta and my dad got the papardelle with veal, both were great and the beet and avacado salad we had as an appetizer was amazing. I will definitely be back - they do private parties so I'm thinking... bachelorette party kickoff? Heck yes.

Tomorrow I will sleep in until... 5:30... at which point I will try to make the 6am yoga class. We'll see how that goes... :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sorry everyone... so here's what is going on in my life since I last wrote:
1) The tea did not cure my illness. I was sick for at least a week, and I actually stayed home from school for a day... I can't remember the last time I felt sick enough to stay home from either work or school but I think it might have been when I had food poisoning.
2) Ben was here! Last weekend he came to visit and we watched a lot of movies, had people over for a dinner party and watched the Twins lose to the Yankees...Ok so that last part sucked but the rest of the weekend was great.
3) I went to a 3 hour (!!) workshop on backbends this weekend with Noah Maze, and learned a ton. Full Wheel finally feels like it's supposed to (I think?) :). So yay!
4) I registered for the Net Impact conference! It's over halloween weekend, so I'll miss fun Halloween parties but I'm still really glad I am going. If you aren't familiar with Net Impact, they're an organization that focuses on corporate social responsibility and sustainability...I can't wait.
5) In an odd coincidence, it turns out that Ben will be at another conference 15 minutes from my conference...and no, we did not plan it that way. Total coincidence.

OK that's all... I have to get up early tomorrow to make scone dough so I should get some sleep.
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