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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family Ties

So I had a completely different post planned for today. It was a sure-to-be-riveting account of me moving furniture around in my apartment.

Then, I found this:

This is my grandfather at age 18, dressed in his manly Serbian garb. The photo is from SerbWorld Magazine (yes such a magazine exists, and my cousin Nancy writes articles for it. Who knew?), which I found lying around my parents house when I stopped by to pick up some things I needed for the weekend. Here's another of my grandpa, and my great uncle Will as an adorable bebeh:

My grandfather grew up in the U.S. but his parents immigrated from Serbia. I can't remember if he was born in Serbia or not - but either way he continued playing the balalika all through his life... one time he came to play it for my 3rd grade class as "show and tell" (for some reason I found it appropriate to bring my grandrather in for show and tell...?). It's nice sometimes when all of the pressure is on where you're going next, to remember where you came from.

Happy almost Friday... speaking of where I'm going next, tomorrow I'm off to southern Wisconsin for the weekend to meet up with Ben at a B&B for a weekend of relaxation, food and beer!

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  1. Grandparents are always fun for Show and Tell...grandparents with special heritage skills, even more so. (I think Simon got Loey to bring lefsa...and if not we should have)


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