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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blondies and first video post!

So... remember how I've been posting all of those healthy recipes full of vegetables?

...yeah. No more of that. Inspried by the lovely Brittany and Jenna, both of whom have posted AMAZING looking blondies in the past week, I decided to whip up a batch of them for myself...granted they are from a box, but I'm pressed for time with class tonight and a paper due tomorrow, so box it is.

And then, for some reason I decided to make a video. No idea where that impulse came from...none. If you've read my "about me" page, you'll know I'm actually kind of shy and awkward...although I do like talking to myself and also to inanimate objects, and besides, who doesn't want to watch a video of me walking around my kitchen and talking to my baking pan?

In any case, these videos are probably totally ridiculous, and in reviewing them before posting I already noticed several glaring problems:

1) My microwave/thermos/paper towel/cookbook shelf features quite prominently, as do my Emeril recipe card box and Land O' Lakes coffee thermos... maybe they should pay me advertising fees. hint hint. product placement??
2) Total fail on showing the pan with the brown butter in it. You can see like... a corner or the pan, and the rest of the shot is basically the front of my shirt and the kitchen floor. Completely not intended.
3) They're kind of useless.
4) I sound SO Minnesotan... do I always sound that Minnesotan??
5) Also I have no idea how to do video editing on my computer, so instead of one continuous video, there are three. It's like a trilogy. Let's pretend I planned it that way.

3) here's the verdict. These are DELICIOUS. Not quite as delicious as a from-scratch batch of Deb's brown butter blondies, but really great in a pinch...they are RICH though. And you can definitely taste the brown butter so I'm glad I decided to add that step :)

Sorry it took so long to get this up...uploading the videos took for.ever. Hence these video posts will probably be few and far between (yep you can breathe a sigh of relief now... ) Have a great night!


  1. YAY Blogging/Baking + VIDEO!

    I'd much rather watch real people cooking for reals, than Food Network's slick "meh" kind of cooking.

    P.s. I might not have seen the butter in the pot, but I saw it in the measuring cup!

  2. I wanna be on your cooking show. Can I be a guest star?

  3. YES!!! I hope you're serious aboutthat because this summer - Wiw Guy cooking show. It is on like donkey kong.

  4. I am SO Cher? The rabbit and the hare? A weasel caught unaware?

    I'll stop myself before it gets really crazy up in here.

  5. Just wave your hands in the air, wave em like you just don't care.
    Let's go to the fair!...I forgot my underwear...?

    Not really.

    OK but yes. Cooking with Kristina and Linz is happening.


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