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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday > Monday

Well folks, it looks like Monday caught me looking again this week. Seriously - I have a greater-than-normal inability to function on that day of days, the most feared and hated 24 hours of the week. Everything was great - went for a nice walk to Butter bakery for some delicious coffee - until about 7:30 when I proceeded to spazz out because I couldn't find my checkbook and was overcome by the irrational fear that I would be unable to pay our August rent before we left for Thailand on Friday. Oh and also there is, suddenly and inexplicably, a giant s-shaped curve in my car's windshield. Awesome.


Obviously, as always happens, everything turned out just fine... but I think I know what the problem was: too much pitta!! I had hot coffee, and then hot oatmeal - and even though the temperatures have cooled down I think there's enough residual hot-weather-blues that the combination was just too much. But who can resist oatmeal? Especially chocolate otameal?? I can't believe I had never though of mixing cocoa powder into my oats before, but there it is... delicious oats (in an almost-finished jar of almond butter) with cocoa and brown sugar...mmmm.


Tuesday, on the other hand, was a WINNER. I got a last-minute appointment for a much needed haircut, had a productive day at work, and got a very sweet e-mail from one of my Immersion teachers who I hadn't seen or talked to since the last immersion... and in a crazy coincidence, I'd already planned on going to her class tonight! Karma I tell you.


So Ben and I went to class, had a great time, and came home prepared to put in a good 2 hours slogging away on Thank You notes...but then I checked my e-mail... and immediately turned to Ben and said "Hold it, pour the wine we are SO NOT writing thank-you notes tonight!!"

"Why?" He said
"Because... our WEDDING PHOTOS are online!!!"


like our lovely decorative gift-pile?

So we have been staring at our photos for the last two hours, smiling and laughing at all the sweet memories, and the beautiful moments our photographer captured between friends and family members.

I know it is such a tease to tell you we have wedding photos and then not post any of them...but it's already past my bedtime and I have early meetings tomorrow, so you'll just have to wait :) Possibly until after the honeymoon, when I'll actually have the chance to sit down and write some wedding recap posts.

Cheers to Tuesday, and looking forward to Wednesday!


  1. I LOVE your place (well what I can see of it in that last picture!). It's beautiful!

  2. Thank you! We love it :) It's a 2BR in an older building (early 1900s) but with a brand new kitchen and bathroom... pretty much perfect.

  3. Chocolate + Oats= One Seriously Amazing Combination! Have you tried mixing in a tbs of nutella? It is very tasty! :)

  4. No I haven't... but now I will for sure! Thanks for the idea!


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