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Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey guys - just wanted to drop in and let you know I am still alive! And I am MARRIED! The wedding was absolutely amazing - we kept saying how we'd been talking now for almost a year about how much fun this weekend was going to be, and it was that times a million.

There is so much more I want to write about, but I'll have to get to that later. Everything was just perfect... the ceremony was beautiful and perfectly us (made me so glad we put so much time into making a ceremony that was really ours). We were married at the church on our college campus, and the fact that the officiants and musicians were all friends and family (and incredibly talented professionals) made it that much more meaningful. Our reception was at a library, as only two nerdy people could want, and the whole evening culminated in Ben and I with about 25 of our friends having a hoe-down to Trampled by Turtles and standing in a circle with our arms around each other belting "More than a Feeling." Completely epic.

I definitely want to write more about the wedding later - it was just so, so special and I have so much to say... here's a quick (photo) recap of the weekend and a small teaser from Saturday :)

My bachelorette dinner at Blackbird Cafe

Toasting our mini-cupcakes

With my lovely and amazing bridesmaids - my sister, my cousin, and three of my best friends :)

My cousin Alisha rockin at Karaoke (with a new friend...?)


Karaoke devolves into giggles...

Rehearsal on Friday

At the rehearsal with Lindsey, our officiant and one of our best friends from college

Ready to do this wedding like whoa

I really wish I had more time to write but I actually have to leave for a business trip in the morning and I haven't packed yet... back to real life so soon :(

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well... love to all and especially to everyone who came out to support us and make this weekend so special. We will remember it forever.


  1. YAY!! Congrats! :) You looked beautiful - loved all the photos!

  2. Thank you! I can't wait to get the professional ones back...


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