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Monday, June 13, 2011

Epic Monday Fail

Sometimes I want to be one of those people who can bound energetically out of bed on a Monday morning, do my hair, effortlessly throw on the perfect outfit and stride into work, the epitome of maturity and organization. Like so:

Reality is actually more like this:

Obviously this is not an actual picture of me, but a picture of Anne Hathaway from The Devil Wears Prada. But I think it gets the point across pretty well.

It all started last night when I realized I couldn't find my wallet. Possibly I left it at the grocery store yesterday? I definitely had it then, because I paid for my groceries, but I didn't realize that it was missing until I was leaving my friend's house last night after Game of Thrones, so possibly I also left it in her kitchen. I also managed to misplace both Ben's headphones and the USB cord for my iPod in between grabbing them 20 seconds before leaving the house yesterday, and actually leaving the house. Clearly, I should not be allowed to be an adult.

The more immediate issue is, I need to buy lunch at work today. No problem though, because I have some cash in the pocket of those jeans I wore on Saturday.

Guess what I forgot to grab as I was leaving this morning?
(A: the pocket cash. And my cell phone)

Guess where my wallet is not?
(A: at the grocery store. Or anywhere in my car. Or in the bag I carried my groceries home in. No word yet on my friend's kitchen...but according to online banking the last person who used my credit card was me, at the grocery store, so that is positive)

Actually the only things I managed to do properly today were a) put clothes on, and b) remember to bring the Cookie of the Month batch I am delivering this afternoon (recipe and pictures forthcoming) ... and the only reason I remembered the cookies is that I put them right in front of the door, so that I literally could not walk out of my apartment without stepping on them. Risky, but ultimately rewarding.

Hopefully I will get all of this figured out soon, but until then...happy Monday?


  1. Haha! Good luck with the whole being an adult thing -- that's something I haven't quite mastered either. Funny coincidence, I'm bringing cookies to work today, too! They're a gluten-free batch of lemon cornmeal cookies that I invented yesterday. Excited to see your latest recipe =)

  2. Haha I know... I think real adulthood is a myth. I'm excited to see your cookies, too!


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