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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just let the love begin

So this was my 4th of July view. From Event Suite C at Target Field... no biggie.

And we had an entire room just for us, stocked with beer, soda, popcorn and hot dogs ...and best of all, friends are here!

Rachel is one of my best friends from college - we sang our junior recitals together, and she is not only a bridesmaid, but she's also singing in the ceremony! Rachel went on after undergrad to get her masters in voice and she is basically a rockstar. Just saying.

Here we are looking all normal and civilized...

....and here is a more accurate representation.

Some more college friends - Chris, Tyler and Mark

...and me and Ben with our "Circle me Bert" sign. Ben concocted this masterpiece on Monday morning, with a spare piece of cloth and some sharpies. Bert Blyleven, one of the TV announcers for the Twins, likes to "circle" fans on TV so people make signs to get his attention. We were really hoping to get circled but I don't think we did :(

... we also ended up with an extra ticket so we invited our Twins blogger friend Betsy to join us for the festivities!

...yeah...we're kind of a big deal.

This picture I believe is Luke Hughes fouling off for about the umptillionth time in a row...

...and another pic of our amazing view.

Twins win 7-0! Fireworks galore!!

It was a great game, and I had so much fun with my friends and family. I am really glad we set up some events during the week so I'll actually get to spend time with some of the out-of-town peeps. I know the wedding day is just going to fly by, and it's not likely I'll actually get to talk to everyone.

I feel so "supported," hahaha...

After the game Ben, Chris, Tyler, Ellen and Amanda and I had a picnic in Boom Island park...unfortunately the park was a little torn up from construction but we made do with what was there!

Our lovely bottle/cracker/cheese sculpture... so classy.

Alright...back to wedding projects!

P.S. it is STILL hot here...and I just bought a hot tea from Crema... why did I make this choice??

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