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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Things Are in Store!

Hey guys - it has been a crazy week, what with the wedding and the traveling and whatnot. I promise though I have some great and useful posts planned for all of you! Including but not limited to:

The best cupcake recipe EVER


Wedding planning tips


Wedding money-saving tips

I promise these will all be posted very, very soon! Like, at least one of them tomorrow hopefully. But, here is a cute and fuzzy picture to keep you entertained in the meantime:

incidentally, this is about how I felt as I got off the airplane yesterday..


  1. The father of the bride looks forward to the article on Wedding money-saving tips.

  2. Well, I can tell you that they do NOT include open bar until 10:30... :) (nor, incidentally do they include a Vera Wang dress...)


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