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Sunday, November 20, 2011


The opera last night was fantastic - and the story was such a great reminder that across the world, despite our outward differences and conflicts, we are all connected in our humanity.

MN Opera's sets are always amazing


Also, I seem to recall promising you guys pictures of Sidney post-groomer. Hard to believe our wild and feral pup of the earth would, only hours later, be transformed into...this:

Who am I?

How could you let this happen to meeee....

hides his head in shame

I'm sure the real Sid is still in there somewhere - a good roll in the snow or two should do it. But, he is clean and that's what counts! Meanwhile, Mini decided to make her presence known lest we forget that we do in fact have more than one pet:

I can wash your hair?



The Anusara Immersion was great - so fun to see everyone again, but sad that some people couldn't make it :( Great practice, great snacks - and I almost got into full king pigeon! I've been working on it for a few weeks, but I have really tight shoulders... it'll come eventually :) That's one of the many things I love about yoga - I never feel like I have to push myself to "achieve" a certain level or pose. I have total confidence that my body is physically capable of every single pose in the syllabus, it just takes commitment and practice.

Now we're just hanging out watching Party Down Season 1 on DVD with dinner and a glass of wine. At this time last year I probably would have been writing a paper on a Sunday night...nope, don't miss homework at ALL. Giant comfy sweatshirt, yoga pants, and wine - yesssss....


Another weekend gone, another Monday morning upon us...but luckily this week isn't too bad, because it is extra-short! I'm in the office Monday and Tuesday, and working remotely (from home) on Wednesday, and then... holiday weekend!!! Happy Thanksgiving week, all :)

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