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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If home is where the heart is...

...then the office must be where your laptop is....and today my laptop is sitting on my bed so...not sure what that means exactly. Ben has the day off and I only have a couple of meetings, so I decided to work from home - an option that's really pretty much always available to me, but I try not to take advantage of it too often. It really is usually helpful to be there in person, and also I know it wouldn't look great if I regularly didn't decided not to come into work just because I didn't feel like putting on real clothes.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about working from home but I've gotta say... I LOVE it. On a normal day, going to work involves waking up super early, showering, taking Sid out, feeding Sid and Mini, drying my hair, having breakfast, getting dressed, taking Sid out again, and driving 15-20 minutes to the office. Today, "going to work" involves rolling out of bed, throwing on sweatpants, taking Sid out, and turning on my computer. Boom. Done


Normal workday


The only slightly weird thing is that, because my work computer mysteriously refuses to connect to our home wireless network, and our ethernet cord is in the master bedroom, I am currently working from my bed.

On the one hand, the idea of working productively in a place that is normally reserved for sleeping is kind of messing with my brain. On the other hand, it's a nice room with lots of natural light...and my bed is super comfy. And I have a kitten napping next to me while I work.


Ben and I walked down the street for a lunch date in the middle of the day, which was such a nice's really great to be able to spend so much time with him during the day, and I honestly feel like I am just as productive at home as I am in my cube at work.

This whole "work from home" thing sort of begs the question...are offices becoming obsolete? I don't think they are, necessarily - there's definitely something to be said for being able to talk with people in person, or drop by a colleague's desk to ask a question - but I think working from home more often should be encouraged as a regular choice, instead of something we have to have a huge justification for.

At the end of a day in the office, I sometimes feel totally drained just from sitting at a desk with flourescent lights glaring down on me all day. Today, I still feel totally energized at 4:30. Obviously this isn't something I can do every day, and there is value to the social environment of an office, but I might start taking advantage of the work-from-home option on days when there's not much need to be physically present.

The human body just was not meant to be in that environment for 9-10 hours every day, and I think the workforce in general would be much better off if we honored that. There's no reason we can't be happy, balanced and productive. Just my two cents.

\Afternoon Walk

our return walk from lunch

Mini at work
my new co-worker

Gotta wrap things up here at the "office," and then we're off to choir. Tomorrow, Ben and I are having a baking extravaganza, and in the evening we're heading to Ben's parents house for dinner! I'm really excited that our families are getting together for Thanksgiving...but bummed that we won't really all be together. My grandmother hasn't been feeling well and actually was in a minor car accident a couple of weeks ago, so my mom flew out to be with her in Montana over Thanksgiving. They'll be in my thoughts, and I am thankful that my grandmother is OK and no one was hurt in the accident, but sad they can't be with us tomorrow.

Mom and Grammy, if you're reading this - we miss you!

Eat lots of turkey and pie tomorrow everyone - that's what the day is for :D


  1. I loooove working from bed in my jim-jams, but I definitely couldn't do it every day. It's nice for a break, but I would really miss my coworkers if I did it all the time. I need to be social. Plus, I love routine, and coming into work every day makes me feel normal and just like ME. I'd get in a funk if I worked from home FOR SURE.
    Your kitty is a cute coworker :)

  2. Agreed - I definitely need the social environment of the office, and I definitely couldn't handle working from home as a regular thing. It's nice to switch it up every once in a while though :)

  3. Also... I think I get tempted to work from home more often because my office isn't super-social. Because of the weird way desks are assigned, my team is spread out all over the building, and for some reason all of the people who sit near me (not my team) tend to go home early, so it gets a little lonely :(

    At my old office, my team sat in a cluster and it was awesome... constant shenanigans (and hard work obviously). I really miss that environment.


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