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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Halloween!!

After college, my friend Tessa and I lived for 3 years in a condo in St. Paul. It was a pretty damn good party condo, a quality we took advantage of frequently. One of our favorite, and most consistent, yearly events was a decked-out, costumes-are-not-optional halloween party. We started throwing the party in 2006, and even though I moved out in 2009 for a place that was closer to school and the bus line, the party lives on. Presently my duties involve less hosting and more showing up and drinking, which is awesome in its own right except that now I have to drive home :(

Here's a blast from the past for you! You'll notice that Ben is in none of these - which is because he was in India from 2006-2007 and Bowling Green from 2009-2010...and we failed to get a picture together in 2008 because we were each trying realllly hard to pretend we did not have a crush on the other. Ah love.

Halloween 06
2006: Me as a pirate and Tess as a vampire

Halloween 2007
2007: Tess as a belly dancer, me as an Eski-ho (with clubbed baby seal - I had a club but it is not pictured here), and Julianna as Helen Keller. I think we were going for "grossly offensive" that year...?

Halloween 2008
2008: Tess as a devil, me as a...gangster? The best part of that costume was my Pimp Cane - a black 8-ball-topped can that was for some inexplicable reason on sale at a medical supply store.

Here is a picture of the cane in my right hand, even though you can barely see it. It was bad me.
Halloween 2008 again

Halloween 2009
2009: Me as a pirate again...and my friend Chris as Rorshach. His costume was creepy and amazing.

In 2010 I unfortunately missed the party because I was at a conference in Michigan so no pictures from that year. This year was a great time as always - good friends, good food, and somehow we even busted out King's Cup. We're 28 years old...I don't know, I can't even explain it. And yes, we had the ridiculous Little Green Man rule. Ah the olden days...

Brendan & Merlin
Brendan, Tessa's boyfriend, carving the pumpkin with their dog Merlin

Our college buddy Paul

Catie, Kristina, Becky, Tessa
Catie, me, Becky and Tessa

The Dread Pirate Roberts had to defend me from Rodents of Unusual Size through most of the hero ;)

Extreme Happiness
...and we watched this happen! The end of one of the best World Series to my memory (except for '91 obviously...)

Tyler and Paul
Villain Tyler and Paul

hoo boy.


I give the sideye to Ben's camera skills

Tessa's Party

On Saturday we went to my friend Jess's party - I met Jess through the Anusara yoga immersion, and it's unfortunate that I didn't get more pictures at her party because the decorations were amazing! Jess and her husband Brad's friends are fantastic and we had a great time.

Jess & Kristina
Me with Jess/Miss Piggy

Last night we just took it easy at home - we only got about 10 trick-or-treaters, but Julianna came over to eat cookies and watch Community.

And...exciting announcement... my little sister is moving to Australia in the spring! Not permanently, thankfully - just for a few months to do some psych research. So excited for her! I know she won't leave until February but I'm already planning to throw her an awesome party.

Well... I am pooped from my hot yoga class tonight, so I'm gonna read on the couch and possibly fall asleep....and apparently watch the cat fall off the table while attempting to collate Ben's students' papers. I wish I was kidding but this literally just happened as I was writing.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your evolution of costumes over the years, and the costumes-not-optional concept. We threw a themed party on Saturday night and everyone really went all out, so much fun!


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