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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Last Cookie

If you know anything about Minnesota (or really anyplace in the midwest), you're probably familiar with the unspoken rule that it is never, EVER for any reason OK to take the last cookie. If you do this, you are automatically the most selfish person ever to walk the planet and deserve to be shunned forever. Even if the cookie in question has been sitting there for hours, lonely and neglected. Even if nobody else in the room even likes cookies. DO NOT TAKE THE LAST COOKIE EVER YOU ASSHOLE.

This rule also applies to: the last slice of pizza, the last truffle in the box, the last few drops in a bottle of wine, the last beer in the get the idea.

Today I brought cookies to work, left over from our Monday night baking. When I first put them out, they were disappearing so fast I was barely able to snag two for a co-worker... but for the last two hours at LEAST, the situation has been thus:

I'm really curious to see how long this continues. Anyone want to take bets? I'm guessing it will disappear between 3 and 4 pm when people get the afternoon munchies and hunger/low blood sugar prevails over midwestern niceities.


  1. ha, too funny- it's true though that no one ever wants to take the last one!


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