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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yikes!!! (and enchiladas)

It's always exciting to suddenly get a text message from your mom that says: "FYI - your sister has appendicitis. Heading to Abbott now for an appendectomy! Will keep in touch."

The fact that she took the time to include an exclamation point after the part about the appendectomy told me that it probably wasn't extremely serious. But, I was driving at the time and may have freaked out a little... I carpool with a friend to my Tuesday night class, and she said it was pretty funny yet at the same time not funny to hear me go "Holy shit! My sister has appendicitis!" in what was apparently a very matter-of-fact way as I was turning to get onto 94 West.

Turns out, everything is fine - they caught it early, she had enough time to go back to her apartment to get her stuff before my mom took her to the hospital for the appendectomy...she's actually probably in surgery right now.

The real bummer for her is that now she won't be able to run in the MIAC indoor track championships this weekend....although she did ask her doctors if they could hold off on the surgery until after Friday so she could do the long jump. Hilarious.

(They said no.)

Anyways, I'm going to bed so I can head over to the hospital bright and early before my class. What an intriguing evening.

Oh.. I almost forgot. In other news, I give Kashi's new Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas a thumbs up.

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  1. As the friend in the car at the time... it was a truly Kristina moment of matter-of-fact statement with shock mixed in... Glad your sister is okay!


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