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Friday, March 25, 2011

Time constrained!

I really, really wanted to write a longer post today but I ran out of time! I want to get on the road to my friend's cabin before traffic gets too terrible... but here's a funny story from last night.

I was talking to one of my yoga buddies after class, and he said "So... I did a google search the other day for Minneapolis Anusara Immersion and clicked on the first link I saw, and there was this picture of you looking all crazy and holding a knife!"

... so that is how people find me in google searches apparently.

Also, I don't normally look as crazy as I do in that picture...

And with that, I'm off! Have a fun weekend everyone, I'll be back on Monday with updates, recaps and probably recipes since I am running out of food in my fridge...


  1. Walnut Square Optometry sent you a reminder that it's time for your yearly eye exam today. Would you like me to schedule it for you? ;)

  2. Lol I'm interested in what I'd find for me under a google search. Your picture would say.. don't mess with me! Bahaha


    p.s. thanks for stopping by :D I've never studied anusara yoga, but I have studied a lot about eastern philosophies. It just clicks with me better, you know what I mean? I think going through life not feeling connected to the earth and everything around you makes it a lot harder. It seems people have a harder time coping and grasping life, and often feel victimized. Anyway, from what I've encountered and read I truly believe that we are good in nature. In the western world I think it's very easy to build up layers and lose that sense of true nature.

  3. @ Linz - really? 2 official change of address forms later?! And yes, go for it... you can be my alternate identity ;)

    @ Katharina - thanks for the comment! I love eastern philosophies too - they make so much more sense with how I view the world and I do believe that humanity is good at heart. Your blog is excellent btw :)


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