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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So. Much. Food.

We had our first caterer tasting yesterday! We decided to book Deco Catering based on recommendations from my parents and a couple of other friends without having ever tasted anything they'd made - in retrospect, maybe not the wisest choice but wow did we luck out!

Good thing I didn't eat lunch beforehand, because I had no idea they were basically going to serve us three entire meals. We could have split everything between my mom, Ben and I and probably still had leftovers... the 9x13 box pictured above is about 2/3 of what we ended up going home with. First we tried a salad with strawberries, blue cheese and a vinegarette dressing, followed by an italian vegetable torta for the veg option and salmon fillets with creamy dill sauce.
My mom is sort of in charge of dealing with Deco (like any good MBA I took a project managerment approach to my own wedding and delegated tasks and deadlines to all my loved ones. Wow I am such a nerd). The final course, which I didn't even realize was coming, was a beef tenderloin with roasted carrots and butternut squash. YUM.

When I saw beef tenderloin as one of the options, I'll admit I was a little skeptical. I've had enough lackluster meat entrees at weddings to know that these things are often not as good as they sound, but this was honestly maybe the best beef tenderloin I have ever had anywhere. And we all know I could eat roasted veggies till the cows come home.

Pictured above, Soile (owner of Deco Catering), me and Ben after the tasting. I didn't know this until we met her, but Soile used to own the Taste of Scandinavia Bakery near my parents house - I eat there all the time! She sold off the business a few years ago when she realized she much preferred catering to running restaurants, but still owns the finnish deli attached to the Dunn Bros on Como (which I have ALSO been to not knowing it was hers... crazy). Also she lives in my parents' neighborhood and they have several mutual friends. And just to reiterate how awesome this lady is, here is a picture of her several-page feature spread in Martha Stewart Living:

Wowza! You can view the whole article here:
It is quite awesome, I recommend you check it out. OK now I have to do productive things like laundry and school work... and eat some of that food that's left over from yesterday. I'm pretty sure we will each get about 2 more meals out of that box!

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