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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ummm... no.

Well snow, I am no longer amused by your shenanigans. It's all fun and games until you keep getting all up in our business well into late March - furthermore, you lied about the two inches, this looks much more like five or six. You are no longer fun, or cute in that "oh wow it's snowing and I am filled with childlike wonderment" sort of way. I am upset with you, snow.

I really did plan on going to my Anthropology class today. But, when I'd been waiting for the bus for 45 minutes past its scheduled time, I realized that even if it came right that second I would still be at least 30 minutes late for class, so I decided to cut my losses, go home and get some work done. By that point I was also really, really cold - you know that feeling when the cold goes all the way through you and you can't get warm? Pretty awesome. I really did not want to leave the building for as long as humanly possible, and having been out of town for a week my fridge is pretty much cleaned out, so I wrapped myself up in a blanket and pulled up the Pizza Luce website to order some lunch. Unfortunately, Pizza Luce decided they weren't going to deliver today... really? Abandoning your people just when they are most in need of hot, toasty food delivered directly to their doorstep? What kind of nonsense is this??

I decided it was best to go outside again before I'd fully warmed up, so I trekked over to the grocery store to pick up a Kashi frozen meal and a bottle of Guava Kombucha.

Back home with tea, red chicken curry (served in a bowl because I hate eating frozen meals from the plastic containers - feels much more like real food), I watched a couple episodes of Dexter and had a very productive afternoon! I worked on some travel arrangements for the honeymoon, did a couple hours of work on one of my projects and finished my reading for class tomorrow. This whole wedding thing is really sneaking up on me - I know the next three months are going to totally fly by, and I'm not sure I've totally processed the fact that this is going to be a huge adjustment. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited but going from long distance and living on my own to living with someone is going to be a big change.

Off to do some reading and then sleep - happy Wednesday!


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  2. Agreed, snow no es bueno, but curry/Dexter/thinking about Thailand es muy bueno!


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