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Monday, March 28, 2011

Girls Weekend and Foodzie tasting box!!

Back from the greatest girls weekend ever! I actually got back yesterday but decided I should do homework rather than blogging...and then I somehow ended up reading part of a Salman Rushdie novel, two essays on musicology and an entire issue of Yoga Journal and going to bed instead. Oh well!

First things first - on Friday I received my first Foodzie tasting box! I've only sampled two things from it so far - the Kale Chips and the coconut milk caramels - but they were both delicious. I'd never even tried kale chips before but... they were completely gone within 15 seconds of opening the bag. I even turned it upside-down to dump the crumbs into my mouth, and I'm not even embarassed to say it. Plus, 15 calories per serving and tasting like delicious parmesan cheese...what??!?

Other items include: flavored salts (pepper and sumac)l blue cheese and fig crackers; chocolate with goji berries and himalayan sea salt; hot chocolate on a stick. I think I'll have my hands full for a few days ;)

On to the next - here are a few pictures from a weekend at the cabin with some girlfriends from school. I'll just let the pics speak for themselves - sometimes what happens in Nisswa stays in Nisswa. Not that we got TOO crazy, just that the hilarity is impossible to re-create out of the context of late-night Catch Phrase...

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  1. Foodzie box = most amazing thing I've ever heard of. Copy, paste, buy.


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