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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ode to lazy mornings

I think one of the things I'll miss the most about being in school are the lazy, quiet, solitary mornings when I can just sip coffee and not worry about having to be anywhere for a couple of hours. It's not that I like to sleep in - actually I'm rarely in bed past 7 - but I think that lazy mornings are less about when you wake up and more about the length of time between getting out of bed and having somewhere to be.

For example, this morning I woke up at 6:30, relaxed and peaceful knowing that I wouldn't have to catch the bus until 9:15. Althought the details of a lazy morning vary (and sometimes include baking), there are some common elements that can help contribute to the enjoyment of this soon to be rare occasion:

1) The attire - some sort of comfy pants (pajamas, sweatpants or yoga pants are good), comfy slippers or mucklucs, and a sweater or sweateshirt (should ideally be at least 2 sizes too big for your body)

2) The caffeine - a large quantity of hot, strong coffee that you do not have to rush to finish is also key for this kind of morning.
3) A delicious breakfast - home-baked or otherwise (in this case hot cereal with coconut milk and pumpkin butter), and of course some quality reading material ;)
It's not that I won't be able to have lazy mornings when I re-enter the real world... just that I'll have to get up at 5am to really enjoy them, and I doubt Ben will be 100% behind that strategy. So if you have the chance, I highly encourage you to get up an hour before you normally would and enjoy some peace and quiet before the rest of the world.
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A leaf fluttered in the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled in the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked ~ Anais Nin


  1. Yes, I am 100% behind a lazy morning strategy from time to time (especially since 5 Am may become a necessity when my work day starts at 8).

    (I also keep thinking about wonderful lazy summer weekend mornings where we can walk down to the store and get groceries for to cook with and enjoy the sunshine, fresh fruit and freedom together :) )

  2. Yes but those are lazy WEEKEND mornings...very different from lazy weekday mornings. And we'll see how behind the plan you are when the coffee grinder is going at 5am :)

  3. You will never believe this. But I have become an advocate of this waking-up-earlier-than-unnecssary plan. You can teach an old (pretty?) dog new tricks.

  4. Linz I DO believe it! Mornings are not to be denies...and you are not an old dog but in fact hotness incarnate, which I'm pretty sure can learn new tricks anytime it wants :p


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