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Sunday, January 23, 2011

In with the new

Due partly to being a student with no income, and partly to the upcoming wedding/honeymoon situation which is going to be quite expensive, I decided shortly before Christmas to do my best not to buy anything I didn't absolutely need until I start work in June. This is going to be HARD. Part of why I'm posting it here is to keep me honest - Ben is also helping to keep me honest.

So, logically, this post is about all the new stuff I got this weekend!
Don't worry, I didn't break any rules - all of it was stuff I either didn't buy, or didn't not need (aka, I needed it, but for some reason the double-negative seemed appropriate here).

On Saturday I went shopping with my dad - even though I'm a real adult now, we still have our post-Christmas tradition of going shopping for my present(s) and then having dinner somewhere fun just the two of us. This is honestly one of my favorite days of the year - my dad and I hang out a lot but for some reason this day is always really special. For example, my dad never, ever, tells me what to do with my life but on our post-Christmas day two years ago we had one of the best, most life-changing (for me) conversations we've ever had (if anyone wants to hear the story, I can post it at some point. It sort of relates to my upcoming wedding). We hit up the Anthropologie sale and Len Druskin and came away with the following spoils:

I LOVE the skirt... I tend to gravitate towards pieces with fun details, and this is totally work-appropriate too. The bathing suit was mostly because I have Thailand on the brain...but check out the cool tag! Just about awesome.

Now on to the things I didn't not need. While in Istanbul, I realized how old and worn out my running shoes are, so my sister and I made a trip to Run n' Fun today. She stocked up on new shorts and socks and I got these babies (please ignore disgusting boot tray):

They're the same brand I always buy (Asics) but I upgraded one level to the Gel kind...they're super comfy, I can't wait to go running in them once the temperature gets above 0 (barf). And last but not least... the absolute necessities (aka necessary to pass my classes). Some of these are for school, some are for the yoga immersion:

So that's about it! A fruitful weekend, but now I have to read a ton of articles about healthcare for my evening class tomorrow. Wheeeee....

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