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Monday, January 17, 2011

Caffeinated Wedding Updates

8:30 am and I've already downed half a pot of coffee... I see where this day is going. I also tried some new hot cereal by a company called Better Oats. The flavor is mutligrain Chai Spice, and it was pretty delicious! The ingredients list is also relatively unthreatening and I'm guessing the Chai Spice flavor is responsible for the 2 or 3 things listed that aren't whole grains. Yum!
Also, turns out I needn't have feared the return to yoga - it was totally fine. Sure, my hamstrings were a little tighter than normal, and my revolved crescent lunge was a bit wobbly but overall it just felt good to get back into it. planning! I finally booked tickets for our honeymoon to THAILAND! I am seriously beyond excited for this, I've wanted to go to Thailand for years. We'll be flying into Bangkok, staying there for at least a couple of days, and then spending 8 or 9 nights in Koh Phangan, laying on the beach. Can't wait.
My friend Alex and her mom have been planning a shower for me - Alex is a fellow yogi and nutrition freak, so we've been working on a travel/yoga theme with asian food from Nancy at Zen Asia and ayurvedic guest favors. I refuse to apologize for my dorkiness.

I also ordered a bunch of sample invitations from and I am so excited! They are so much less expensive than anything I have found in MN, and in my opinion much prettier. Here are pictures of all the options so far - we've already decided the small green one in front will be for the shower, but between the others it's hard to pick!

Here's a picture of my bridesmaid dresses:
And the flower colors I want to use: appreciated. I have a couple more samples on the way as well that are bigger versions of the small green one, just in different colors. OK time to tackle the day - and unpack....boooo....


  1. I think it all looks beautiful. And whoever marries you is going to be one lucky punk.

  2. Yeah you would think that wouldn't you? Poor sucker...has no idea what he's in for :p


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