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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Dear Ben,

Today you turn 28. When we met as freshmen in college, we were both 18 - how crazy is that?

I didn't know you, but I thought you were cute. Apparently you though I was cute too, but we somehow neglected to mention this to each other for about eight more years. You were one of my best friends all through college. I will never forget walking to reading night together and re-casting Star-Wars using players from major league baseball teams.

Somewhere along the way, we nicknamed each other Stinky and Smelly. You were my date to president's ball senior year, even though we were just friend

Even after graduation, we were there for each other through good times and bad, and spearheaded the best Twins blog of all Twins blogs, We bonded over LOST, Ken Burns documentaries and general nerdiness, but somehow STILL managed to avoid talking about our feelings...

And then, one day, we finally did. And now we get to spend the rest of our lives together. I could not ask for a more kind, loving and wonderful person to be with...even though we have to live together for like...50 YEARS... I have no doubt that we will love and support each other through everything. So, even though today is your birthday I just want you to know that I'm thankful *every* day that you're here. And that sometimes, you still call me Stinky :)


  1. I am happy that I made two of these pictures, and am in fact sandwiched between Uncle Benny and Kristina-na in the hot tub. Hey-o!

    Love you both :)

  2. Hahahaha... I love you. And miss you lots.


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