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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey there lurkers!

I know you're out there, I see you on my stats page! Three of my friends told me on Monday "hey I read your blog about...blah blah blah, I really liked it!"... who knew?

Don't hide away all introverted in cyberspace, tell me about yourself, even if I have NO idea who you are. What's your story? Where are you from? What's your favorite movie that's so bad it's good? Stuff like this is always interesting, plus comments make me look cool and popular.


Sort of.

But seriously don't be a stranger :)

I finally took my new kicks out for a run today around Lake Calhoun and let me tell you, running in the snow without proper spikes or anything is NOT's very slippery. And slow. I shuffled around the lake like an 80 year old grandma but still made it back in plenty of time to grab a snack and get to Laura's yoga class before choir. Almost makes me wish I had a treadmill. Definitely makes me wish I had room in my apartment for a treadmill.... and also someplace to practice my inversions other than a wall that borders someone else's apartment. I would probably be concerned if my neighbor was always making noises that sounded like throwing dead bodies around.

OK that's all, I'm not feeling extra creative tonight. I'll leave you with an inspring hump-day quote:

Eighty percent of success is showing up ~ Woody Allen


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