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Friday, August 19, 2011

Reason #1,856 Why I Need Yoga

I know... I still need to finish the wedding updates...AND I need to tell you about Thailand... but this week has been insane, mostly because of work. A combination of playing catch-up after being gone for two weeks, plus taking on some projects for a colleague who is on vacation, has me pretty much swamped. And is maybe warping my brain a little. Example:

Last night I left work a little early to do some work from home - for unknown reasons, despite the fact that my employer is a ginormous Fortune 500 company, the operating system on my laptop is probably the same one T-Rex used to google some tasty Diplodocus eats. I needed to use Google Earth to snag some pictures for a project I'm working on, but this version of Windows does not support the program so I went back to my place to use my personal laptop, planning to download the pictures and e-mail them to myself as attachments. I got all the pictures downloaded but forgot to send them to myself before I went to bed last night... not a big deal, because I figured I could just get up early and send them in the morning before yoga.


This morning, my browser helpfully decided to freeze up every time I tried to add an e-mail attachment. I attempted this probably 4 or 5 times (you know how they say insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result?...yeah...) before finally deciding to try a different browser.

Unfortuantely it was at this point that my ENTIRE SCREEN decided to freeze. I was definitely not going to have time to re-start my computer, send the pictures, pack my lunch and make it to yoga. My brain started freaking out, and rational thoughts like "it's not a big deal, what is the worst that could possibly happen, you don't even need to finish this project today" did not even enter into my one-track-focused, somewhat irrational brain at 5:30am. I slammed my laptop shut, uttered a few choice phrases, and out of sheer frustration kicked the side of the kitchen counter (because obviously that will help fix my computer...) totally forgetting that there is a somewhat sharp edge under there where the top of the counter is attached to the base by a piece of wooden moulding. Ouch.

So, I left for yoga completely wound up with a spastic brain and a bleeding toe. 75 minutes later I walked out of the studio calm, focused, and steady. I knew the pictures didn't matter - I can finish the project on Monday. I also knew that my spazz didn't matter - these things happen and all we can do is adknowledge and move past them.

Sometimes, no matter how much we try to bring our yoga into our lives, we all have little moments where we let our vision become clouded, and let our intention slip a little... and by "intention slipping" I mean "lashing out at inanimate objects in a blind rage." But being a yogi doesn't mean you have to be perfect - it just means you are aware, and are always striving to live your life in a better and more balanced way.

And hey, sometimes that computer needs a little kick in the a$$.


P.S. I am heading to a friend's cabin for the weekend, with no access to internet so no posts for a couple of days - I'll be chillin' and grillin' at Balsam Lake! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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