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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Live Taste Test! GT's Synergy with Chia Seeds

Lots of exciting surprises today!

Well, the first one wasn't actually so exciting - when I got to work this morning I discovered that my lip balm had exploded all over the inside of my purse, so the bulk of my morning was spent a) in conference calls, and b) in the bathroom washing lip balm off of my wallet, sunscreen bottle, keychain etc. Too much fun.

The contents of my purse, drying out slowly on my desk. In front: the offending lip balm.

P.S. I apologize for the photo quality in this post - I'm using my phone camera and I have no idea why the first and last photos got spliced/cut in half. They were SPLINCHED!! (Nerdery, sorry). As for the second surprise - one of the many reasons I love my place of employment is the fun free things you find in break rooms. At my old work, it was the average stale donuts, leftover pizza, other random things that people were trying to get rid of. Here, people leave things like cucumbers from their garden, coupons for homemade maple syrup, and today, fresh thyme! I walked into the break room to fill up my tea thermos and lo and behold there was a big bunch of leafy green substance, roots still attached, sitting on one of the round tables with a little scrap of paper next to it that said "Thyme." What a normal thing to give away for free in a break room right? So obviously I helped myself to a few sprigs - and I stuck them in a cup of water because they were starting to look a little sad and dried out.

Fresh Thyme in a cup!

Thirdly, when I was at Whole Foods picking up lunch, I found THIS:

Synergy Grape Chia! I miss the old grape flavor and was wishing they would bring it back, and they did...but it is full of Chia seeds? I was at once excited, confused and skeptical. This could either be a) two amazing things combined to form a super-amazing drink of awesomeness, or b) extremely weird. So I brought it back to work with me and am live-taste-testing it now! Here is a close up photo of the chia seeds (again - not sure why it was cut in half...but you can still get the basic gist. Gelatinous seeds in a grape drink - pretty straightforward):

OK... just tried it. Verdict: I'm not sure. I mean, I guess it's kind of what you would expect if you've ever had Chia - like drinking super-liquified grape kombucha jello with crunchy bits in it. I kind of want to chew every bite. Overall...probably not my favorite thing ever, and definitely not a substitute for chia-less Kombucha or Synergy. More like a smoothie almost. I LOVE the grape flavor but in the future I might keep my chia seeds separate from my Kombucha.

Has anyone else tried the new Kombucha with Chia? If so, what do you think?


  1. i have yet to try any of those drinks but it looks good!

  2. If you try it, you'll have to let me know how you like it - I was weirded out at first but I think it's growing on me... :)

  3. Chia is so good for you..full of omega 3's so drink up


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