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Monday, August 1, 2011


Well hi everyone! It would appear that I can't upload any pictures from my camera onto blogger at all while I'm here, and also I only have 2 minutes to write this post.

Instead I will tell you about one of my favorite things in Thailand - Mangosteen! Despite what it sounds like, a mangosteen is NOTHING like a mango. It is a little fist-sized reddish brown thing with a thick, kind of sticky peel and white segments of fruit. But even though it looks weird, it is extremely delicious.

One minute. OK. How to eat a mangosteen:
1) Peel the mangosteen
2) eat it

That's all I have time for... catch you soon:)


  1. How awesome!!! Glad you got to have a little time to pop in with your cute smile :D That fruit sounds delicious! I wish the states would be more 'lax about importing fruits and veggies from other countries. Some of them are sooo interesting!

    XOXO, big big hugs!!!!

  2. I know, seriously! I'll miss my mangosteen and dragonfruit when I return...


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