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Monday, August 29, 2011

They say time flies...

...when it is the WEEKEND! Saturday and Sunday flew by far too quickly, and now I'm back to the daily grind. Ben started work last week too - his students don't actually show up until after labor day, but the teachers have all started and are in the thick of curriculum planning.

Anyways, I kicked off the weekend by helping my little sister get tatted up! Julianna has been wanting a tattoo for a years and on Friday she finally went to St. Sabrina's for her appointment - I met her there and we got ice cream afterwards, and then went home to say hi to Ben and watch part of the Twins game.


Handing out Thank-You cards in person = saving on stamps!


The tattooed foot - all bandaged up

We also had time after the tattoo appointment to shop at one of my favorite stores - Patina on Lyndale. Every once in a while I come across a product that makes me think, "I have no idea who ever decided to make this or why - but I'm SO glad they did!"


Kali Mints!

Seriously. Who sat down and thought I know what will be a GREAT gift idea - curry-flavored mints based on the hindu goddess of death and destruction. EVERYONE WILL WANT THEM.

Well...everyone may not want them. Which is probably why they were on the 50% off sale shelf. But I want them...and that's what matters, right??


On Saturday we spent the whole day at the MN Renaissance Festival, which is pretty much a yearly event for me and my close friends. When my friend Tessa and I were little, we were totally obsessed with dragons - not much has changed! We went to a free beer tasting hosted by Schell's, a local brewery out of New Ulm, and wandered around enjoying the festivities.

Yesterday Ben and I hit up the Kingfield Farmer's market. The Kingfield market is the only one within walking distance of our place, but it's only open on Sundays and choir starts up again the week after next so we've been trying to get there as much as possible.



The Chef Shack - a local food truck favorite


Fresh local raspberries in an adorable carton


Melt-in-your-mouth sandwich cookie from Bramblewood Cottage Bakery

On our way home, we stopped at a playground - I can't get enough of playgrounds.


I am a huge nerd...but you already knew that


Ben really likes candid shots...


For dinner, I chopped up some potatoes and summer squash from last week's farmer's market bounty. I wanted an indian-inspired preparation, so I tossed them with coconut oil, salt and curry powder before roasting.


We served them alongside farmer's market salmon (also baked in the oven) and some fresh fruit for dessert - I love late summer fruits and will be so sad when they are gone :(

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


  1. that farmers market looks great!

  2. It is a good one - fairly small but definitely quality :)


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