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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good thing we found each other...

The conversations that occur in our home on an almost daily basis:

Me (walks in the door): Hi honey!
Ben: Hi! (pause)... so I noticed sprinkles on the counter.
Me: yes...
Ben: Did you put sprinkles on your oatmeal this morning?

How does he know me so well?

Benjamin: You're my favorite!
1:16 PM me: what???????????
that's crazy talk!!!
you are my favorite too!!!!!!!!!!!
1:17 PM Benjamin: WHAAA?!?!?!?
Maybe let's get married!
1:18 PM me: ok!!! how does next Saturday look for you?
1:20 PM Benjamin: PERFECT!
Let's do it UP!!?!?

We've agreed to get married to each other probably 25 times now. I think that's a good sign.

Tonight both of our moms are coming over to (hopefully) finish the table arrangements - hopefully no dramz! I already have an idea how I want things to go - and I also need to make the bookmark guest favors... haven't even started yet... so that should be interesting.

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