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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Few Things

#1 - New Bon Iver album!
Do you own it yet? You should it's awesome

(Also, I realize the lyrics on this thing might be totally wrong...but it was the only one I could find that was not a remix. There are two versions of the lyrics floating makes sense, one does not. Either could be the real ones. Whatever it's a beautiful track)

#2) Had my makeup trial on Sunday! I've never had my makeup professionally done before (except for a couple of times in department stores, both of which I hated) so I was a little nervous, but Nan Fletcher did a fantastic job - and what a sweetheart as well. My homework was to take pictures and give her feedback if I wanted to change anything, so I put Ben on camera duty.

For some reason he thought this face wouldn't be a very accurate representation...

I can't imagine why. But I sucked it up and smiled normally...

...and then this happened....

...and this....

...and then I drank two of these:

Life was good. But I really like my makeup and think I'll probably keep it the way it is. I wanted a pretty natural look and this fits the bill quite well. But now you know what I look like with fake eyelashes (I have really long eyelashes anyways so they don't make a huuuge difference, but they do make my eyes pop a little more).

#3)...and this cocktail was too delicious - I have to share with you. I just made it up on a whim but I think I love it

RASPBERRY ROSE PROSECCO COCKTAIL (I really need to think of a more creative name for this... let me know if you have suggestions)

1 box raspberries
1 T rose water
2 T granulated or turbinado sugar
1 bottle prosecco or other sparkling white wine

Wash the raspberries thoroughly and place in a bowl. Cover with sugar and rose water, let sit for a few minutes and then mash with a fork until only a few chunks are left. Divide between four wine glasses, pour chilled prosecco over the top. Drink. Pour another. Drink that one too. Maybe leave some for Ben and your sister (but only if you feel like it).

You can play around with the sugar/rosewater/raspberry ratio on this - I actually didn't measure at all, I just added until the fruit mixture tasted like I wanted it to, but this is my best approximation. Wheee drinking on a Tuesday...

1 comment:

  1. Your eyes can also pop if you keep that astonished look on your face through the whole wedding :)

    As for the cocktail, given the rose water, the fibers of raspberry and the gentle bite of Prosecco I'm tempted to do something that alludes to "Every Rose Has it's Thorn"...but that's a little long...We could call it the CC DeVille or the Rickey Rockett in honor of the band that popularized that song though?


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