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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Assemble the Troops!

Last night my mom and Ben's mom came over to our place to finish up the table arrangements - my mom spent most of this week finishing the placecards (thanks mom!) and they turned out lovely. The font matches our invitations and (even though it's hard to tell from the photos) we used a semi-translucent vellum type paper that looks really light and elegant.

Having heard horror stories about all the drama surrounding table seating (fighting over who gets the larger tables, "this family member can't sit next to this family member but has to sit with this person" type arguments, keeping people who might get into physical altercations far away from each other, etc), I was a little nervous about this process but it turns out there was nothing to worry about! Everything was decided in less than an hour and it all worked out perfectly. We have really laid-back friends and family, so none of the normal politics/drama even came up.

All organized into neat stacks - just the way I like it!

The only thing that created some small decision-making dilemmas on my part was the ginormous conglomoration of Ben & my friends. We have a lot of friends from college, and that group has sort of melded with my high-school friends to form one big happy family, plus there are a couple of random friends who don't really know anyone else (two of Ben's colleagues from India, significant others of wedding party members, etc, some friends from church etc). So it took me a little while to figure out how to divide them up and still make everyone feel comfortable, but in the end I really like how it turned out.

When we lined up the stacks of place-cards we sort of felt like we were assembling our troops for battle. Good to keep in mind for when we decide to take over the world.

Total coincidence that everyone facing the camera starts with an 'E', did not plan it that way it just happened! P.S. if you look at the left-hand stack you can see my name... Kristina MacKenzie! In less than two weeks I will have a different name - crazyness.

Moms hard at work!

This morning Ben and I took a nice walk down to Patisserie 46 for breakfast - it was a little humid, but we went early enough that the heat hadn't really kicked in yet - it's supposed to get up in the mid 90's today and be super muggy - but it was still sticky enough that I wore shorts and a tank top, and ordered iced coffee instead of regular. Usually I like more robust, whole-grainy food in the morning, but sometimes flaky pastry is delicious too :)

Ben's danish with Lemon Curd and Strawberry-Rhubarb filling

My delicious anise, olive oil and candied orange peel-spiked creation. So flaky and delicious.

On the way back we ran into some people we knew, and it turns out they are neighbors! I had no idea they lived so close! We made plans to grab dinner soon, but they also have a brand new baby and we have the wedding coming up so it might be a little while, but it's still nice to find friends in the neighborhood. Stopping to chat made me a little late getting into work but the whole breakfast/walk excursion was totally worth it.

Tonight I'm dragging Ben with me to yoga - and then time to get to work on the bookmark project!


  1. Kristina MacKenzie has a great rhythm to it. Sounds like a super-hero's alter ego:

    The world of day knows the mild-mannered marketing guru, Kristina MacKenzie, but the criminal underworld knows to fear the avenging yogic master Guru Kri Mac-Ken, and her unbending balance, focus, and stamina... for JUSTICE.

  2. Evan - LOVE IT. Can this be a real thing? Can we make this happen please??

  3. OH my goodness, that looks awesome!

    Yay for yoga - have fun!!

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