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Monday, October 3, 2011

Minerva McGonagall

Everyone say hello to the newest member of our family.... :)


If you're wondering how on earth this happened, I can explain.

Ben and I have been thinking about getting a little fuzzy friend for quite a while (in our discussions it was always a dog), but I think we were both a little apprehensive about taking on such a big responsibility with both of us starting new jobs and working a LOT.

Well, that all changed when Maggie came to visit us for two weeks. It was so much fun having her around, and when my dad came to pick her up on Friday I was honestly a bit distraught. I love that little booger.

So on Saturday, we met up with a few friends for brunch at Butter to celebrate Katie being in town for the weekend. My friend Emily mentioned that she was taking her foster-dog Sidney to an adoption fair in Minnetonka, and Ben and I decided to join her, still thinking we wanted to find a dog.

Going to a pet adoption fair less than 24 hours after having a neurotic yet adorable kitty cruelly taken from you is sort of like going grocery shopping when you're starving. The situation is made even more vulnerable when you are immediately greeted by of whom snuggles up to you and loves you right away, and who also seems to be the perfect combination of fluffy, snuggly, and kind of a weirdo. Rare qualities.

I was a goner.

Long story short, we drove to Minnetonka really not planning on making any decisions - and somehow came home with a three-month-old rescue kitten named Minerva McGonagall (Mini for short, or Mini McG... we named her obviously).


If she looks slightly perturbed here it is only because I was trying to hold her back from chewing on my scarf so Ben could take a picture. Told you she was a weirdo.

For dog lovers out there - don't worry! That's still on the table...more to come later. Let's just say Mini wasn't the only animal we fell in love with at the adoption fair, but nothing is final yet so we don't want to say too much until we make a decision. Long story short, we got a little nervous about the reality of taking care of a dog while we are both so busy - and we want to make sure we can handle it before we commit.

On Sunday, Ben, Julianna and I drove to Northfield for apple picking at Fireside Orchard! Just another day behaving like mature adults in public:

Pumpkin Butt


Pumpkin Heads


Approaching Normalcy


Now that I have all these apples, I need to figure out what to do with them... such a chore :)

Stay tuned for some apple-related recipes....and LOTS of kitten pictures...

I hope you all had great weekends!


  1. looks like your having some perfect fall activities...and congrats to the new addition!

  2. She's pretty great - very snuggly :)


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