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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look! Kittens!

I am boring. I am a boring old corporate-working lady person.

I have come to this conclusion after not posting a blog since Monday because I've been working all the time, thinking back and considering what I could have blogged about and realized that each daily recap would have gone like so:
- Wake up
- Go to yoga (or attempt to practice yoga at home while enduring constant kitty sneak-attacks)
- Go to work
- Attempt to get all work done. Fail to do so due to onslaught of meetings.
- Fall asleep in meetings (kidding!)
- Attempt to leave work
- Get caught in another meeting that runs late
- Leave work
- Get caught in ridiculous traffic
- Crash on couch with Amy's Country Cheddar Bowl (because when you've had a hectic day all you really want is something with carbs and melty cheese)
- Watch How I Met Your Mother/Modern Family/Gossip Girl/Baseball
- Sleep
- Repeat

We did have a fun but low-key night on Monday though. My friend Amanda came to meet Mini, bearing Thai takeout and my sister stopped by to pick up her phone charger and share a much-deserved beer after finishing the GRE! Congrats lady. I'm pretty sure that was the most attention Mini has ever gotten in her life. She was freaking out from excitement.

Now, in order to make up for my boringness I will attempt to distract you with cute kitten pictures:


... passed out
Passed out

ferocious hunting beast
Ferocious Hunter

showing that piece of ribbon what's up
Wild Hunter with ribbon

...and then there's this:

Not sure which is the best part: the hair pulling, the fact that Julianna has a cat in one hand and a beer in the other, or the fabulous screen-printed shirt that ties it all together.

...or the fact that she tried to put my cat in her purse and walk out the door.

Purse Kitty

Purse Kitten

Anyways, tonight I am making butternut squash risotto. So there's that. And I will post the recipe, so that will be probably more useful than kitten pictures. In other news it is almost Friday! Hooray!

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