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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another new addition...

Our little family just keeps growing - from just the two of us, to a cozy little group of three, and now a family of four! I mentioned a few weeks ago when we brought Mini home that my friend Emily has been fostering a rescue dog, and that we were considering adopting him... well, we did! Meet Sidney!


I kind of goes without saying that Ben and I are both prone to worry and anxiety, so we thought long and hard about the decision to get a dog. We knew it would have to be a small dog, since we live in an 1100 square foot condo, and we eventually decided that there was no way we were getting a puppy. For one thing, we do not have time to train one - and for another, there are so many adult dogs who need homes, and while shelters and rescues have no problem finding homes for puppies and kittens, adult animals are often overlooked.

We decided to "borrow" Sid for a few days to see how it went - and especially whether he and Mini could handle each other. Obviously it went well! They were totally wary of each other at first... but Mini quickly warmed up to the idea of Sid as a new playmate to chase around and pull her Kato moves on. Poor Sid. He's such a good sport.

She also tries to rope him into her random acts of mischief such climbing in the diswasher and walking the back of the couch like a tightrope. Sid's tightrope act is quite impressive.But now that he's settled in and feels more comfortable in our home, he's actually playing with her, too!

Moving on - this past Sunday thru Tuesday I was in Chicago attending a conference: the World Congress on Creating a Culture of Health in the Workplace!

Business travel is fun?

Hotel room - actually quite nice! Not quite enough space for yoga podcasts, but I managed anyways :)

I really, really enjoyed this conference - I have only ever been to huge, MBA-oriented conferences that are basically glorified job-fairs, so it was a great change of pace to attend a smaller, more intimate conference focused solely on education. The conference was fantastic and I learned a ton - but today I am exhausted... partly due to speaker/information overload, and partly due to fun nights out with friends - Katie and Kristin :)

On Sunday night, I met my friend Katie for dinner at her new place in Andersonville. Initially, we planned on making vegan, gluten-free cupcakes from this cookbook:

The best laid plans of mice and men...

...but then Katie realized she was out of a couple of the ingredients, and we were too lazy to hunt them down so instead we made regular chocolate chip cookies full of butter, eggs and flour. To add insult to injury, we then threw in some chopped-up Snickers bars. Because that's what Haloween candy is for...?

Monday night after a long (but very energizing and thought-provoking) day of speakers, I met up with Kristin for dinner. Ben and I have been listening to Anthony Bourdain during our car trips, and his remembrances of Japan have had me craving sushi for days - luckily Kristin has several sushi restaurants within walking distance of her place, so we hiked over to Wakamono.


The sushi was very good - I especially liked the Snow White roll - and the cocktails were amazzzing. After dinner we walked back to Kristin's place for tea and some more chatting and catching up. It was so great seeing both of these lovely ladies - makes me sad when so many of my good friends live so far away :(

But, I was glad to get home to Ben and our little family. He kept texting me cute pictures which killed me... I miss him so much even after 2.5 days of being away, I can't imagine how we made it through 2 years of long-distance. Thank god those days are behind us!

Sleeping pup!

Example of cute photo sent by husband...

Alright - back to work for me. I will write more about the conference when I get a chance - and I'm still planning on posting that risotto recipe! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I think your back-up baking plan sounds perfect!

  2. Aww thanks! It turned out to be the right one I think :)


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