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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's like the things never end!

Sorry for the lack of posting, we had the second weekend of immersion 2 so that combined with starting to move stuff, combined with a few wedding things put me a bit over capacity. I even backed out on some things, including a school-related event that I was actually really excited about but that would have involved a *late* night, when I realized that I was totally wiped out about halfway through the day on Saturday, and Sunday started with a 2 hour arm balance class at 9:30. You can't do everything though right?

Yesterday was school-free so I planned on having that be a day full of moving and accomplishing many things. I started out being super productive and adult like - I organized all of my clothes for packing, changed the battery in my smoke dectector like a motherf***ing champion (in the words of Hyperbole and a Half), set up my new Xcel account, took an entire load of boxes over to the new place, and drove up to my parents house to pick up some more boxes. This was when I realized my wedding invitations came in.

Wait what? I have to address all of these? AND move my stuff from one place to another? AND get DirecTV and internet set up? AND read for class tomorrow.

The critical mass of responsibilities had been reached; system failure ensued. I drove home, sat down on my couch, listened to the Twins game and played my guitar for three hours and went to bed without accomplishing anything of value. It will all get done eventually...just not right this second.

Also, in the process of packing I've realized I may need a 12 step program:

And yes, they are organized both alphabetically and by genre. And this isn't even all of them.


Various nonfiction....

Music books and opera scores...


....and fiction....

...more fiction...

....even more fiction....

My name is Kristina and I have a problem.


OK possibly two problems.


  1. 12 steps:
    Step 1: Look at all your books
    Step 2: Think "hey, that's a lot of books"
    Step 3: Smile to yourself know've read and liked a lot of books
    Step 4: Think about happy book reading memories
    Step 5: Think about future books yet to come and rock your world
    Step 6: Think about book related discussions and friendships and general book awesomeness
    Step 7: Pick up a book (any one of them) and find a passage you always really liked
    Step 8: Read the page before and the page know for context
    Step 9: Smile and keep reading to the end of the chapter
    Step 10: Consider not reading
    Step 11: Forget that noise and keep reading
    Step 12: Keep on being awesome!!!

  2. ... I think this comment pretty much illustrates why you're awesome and I love you.

  3. hahaha...Your boot problem looks almost as bad as mine! Glad I'm not the only one who suffers from that ailment too!

  4. Totally have a boot problem... I think there may even be a couple pairs missing from that photo...


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