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Monday, April 11, 2011

Dead Computer Update

Welp... apparently my computer is "ready to be picked up" from the help desk... what state it is ready to be picked up in, I'm not entirely sure. I was actually sort of hoping it would be so dead they'd have to give me a new one, right before graduation, but I guess not. I have tons to catch up on after I finally get my computer back, but for right now I just have to say that not having my computer around for a few days was actually kind of nice! I wasted almost zero tme on facebook, caught up on all of my reading for class (oops!), finished one book and started another, and got started on packing! Maybe I should kill my computer more often... jk. Also strangely liberating was the idea that my hard drive had been completely wiped out (still not sure if that's true actually). All of my music is backed up and my pictures are still on memory cards, and those are basically the only things I care about losing. Any important document regarding current projects is either in drop-box or attached to an e-mail, so really no worries there either... it felt kind of freeing to think that all of those random spreadsheets from managerial accounting that I held on to for no apparent reason were gone. Poof, vanished. Before this gets all existential, I'll cut it off and be back tomorrow hopefully with my laptop and some pictures :)

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