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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giant Slacker has been a WEEK since I posted anything! I think that officially makes me a blog slacker...but there definitely have been a few things preventing me from doing stuff like "writing for fun":

1) Moving!
I'm in my new place now, but most of my stuff is still in boxes everywhere. I moved everything myself except the large furniture, so packing and hauling carloads of boxes took up most of my time over the last week. I also had a night planned with my sister to have dinner and move two carloads last Tuesday... but then I discovered I had a flat tire so it ended up being like, half a carload.

2) School!
Does that deserve an exclaimation point of excitement? Not sure.
We're entering the home stretch, but now all these projects are ramping up so I have to, like, work on stuff... so powerpoints are another thing that have been keeping me away.

3) Easter!
Easter means holy week at church, which means lots and lots of choir obligations. We usually have rehearsals with orchestra, a Maundy Thursday service, a Good Friday service/concert where we performe a large work with orchestra (this year it was Faure's requiem), and two huuuuge services on Sunday. Easter is not subtle at my church - there are trumpets and lots of high notes

I'm also pretty sure the good folks at Bull Run coffee think I am homeless... I show up every day with my entire backpack and computer. But really it's jut because a) I don't have internet yet, and b) I haven't unpacked my coffee grinder. So they serve sort of a dual purpose. Plus they have great coffee and are pretty close to my new place.

Off to work I go!

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