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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Excuses, excuses...

Agghh!  Sorry!  I've been meaning to post Montana recaps and recipes and whatnot for like a week, but life just got in the way.  Between work, yoga, and the sheer quantity of BBC TV I have been watching, blogging unfortunately fell by the wayside.

I don't think I mentioned this but I recently switched jobs.  Same company, same division, different team.  I'm really excited about it but a) there is a huge learning curve for me to get up to speed, especially since my new role requires much more tech-y knowledge than I currently have, and b) as it turns out, doing my new job does not necessarily mean that I am suddenly no longer doing my old one.  There are definitely loose ends that I need to tie up before handing them off, but I'm basically trying to avoid a situation where I have two jobs and sometimes I just want to be all:

...but that would not be very nice or responsible.  Also Ben starts school next week!  This is unfortunate because things like running errands or being home for the repair guy during the day will suddenly take a lot more effort...but it also prevents my husband from turning into this:
Violet Crawley is obviously an academic.
While meanwhile I'm still like:

Kidding though, I do not sleep at work.  In other news, Ben and I went to a scotch tasting last night!  I will tell you two things:  1) six scotches is a lot of scotch, and 2) it's always nice to have an In at restaurants.  Ben still has some friends from his bartending days, one of whom is now the head bartender at the St Paul Grill where the tasting was held.  Every time we go there he hooks us up with some freebies, even though we never ask for it or expect it.  He's quite awesome.

Also, I know Moriarty is fucking terrifying, but this makes me LOL every time.

 ..the end!!


  1. i had to comment. so many gifs. <3 they are my weakness. i pretty much die every time i visit this tumblr:

    also, i would choose yoga and bbc tv over blogging any day :)

    scotch tasting + downton abbey!? we definitely need to live closer haha. i'm sure we would be instant buddies!

    1. Haha that Tumblr is awesome! gifs are my weakness too...they're just so damn funny and half the time I can't even explain why. We do need to live closer!!

  2. I never heard of Moriarty before, but that was terrifying/glorious.

    1. He's from the BBC series Sherlock...which if you have not seen it, I highly recommend!

  3. Whatever, I can totally pull off that hairdo. Dowager Countess 4 Life!


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