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Monday, August 20, 2012

The greatest weekend of all time

Here is what I did this past weekend:

  • Took Sidney to the dog park
  • Yoga
  • Ran four miles
  • Baked a cake for my friend's birthday
  • Watched all three Lord of the Rings movies (extended edition)
  • Made hot cocoa
  • Saw The Dark Knight Rises (finally!)
  • Read at least 300 pages of 1Q84
If you're wondering how I did all of this and still managed to feel the most relaxed I've felt in a long time, I am also wondering this.  If you're wondering what possessed us to watch the entire LOTR extended edition over three days, that can easily be explained.  It happened like so:  Me: "I feel like watching Lord of the Rings."  Ben: "LET'S DO IT.  Normal edition or extended?"  Me: (2 second pause) Extended.  

I cannot explain where the impulse came from.  I haven't seen any of the LOTR films in literally years, and all of a sudden one day I was like hey, I could really use some Tolkein in my life right now.  Who knows.

Anyways...the last few months have just been crazy.  I know I say that all the time about everything, but Ben will even back me up on this.  I haven't blogged about any of it, but it has been a very stressful time work-wise.  I can't get into too much detail, and don't worry everything is fine now but... it has just not been a great summer.  I will say this, though.  If you should ever find yourself in a position of leadership, transparency and communication are really the way to go.  Really truly.  Without it, shit gets toxic, especially in times of uncertainty and many layoffs.  So yeah...that's all I have to say about that.

Still don't have all of the photos from Montana from my dad's camera, so those are coming later, as is a delicious Huckleberry scone recipe.  I promise!  It will be delicious and amazing.

Oh and also this song is wonderful:

Well, that is all for today.  Happy Monday :)


  1. haha, I've had those marathon tv or movie weekends before too, and then all of a sudden its monday and you feel like you were asleep for a week or something :)

    1. Totally! I sometimes feel the same way when I come up for air after a book, too.

  2. Ooh wow, I LOVED that song, thanks for sharing!

  3. My roommate and I are going to be having a similar extended LOTR marathon soon. Sometimes you just have to.


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