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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well kids, I tried, but despite my best efforts I appear to now have two jobs - at least for the time being.  At first it was "you'll have a two week transition period to wrap things up!" and then it was "Ok maybe three weeks" and then suddenly my old boss assigned me three new workstreams to me and I was like hold up. Except I didn't say that... instead I was like NO PROBLEM I WILL DO ALL THE THINGS.
It is really not that bad.  I honestly prefer to be crazy-busy, because when I am not constantly occupied I tend to lose focus, so this is probably a good thing for my overall productivity.  Instead of whining about how I apparently now work for two (three? possibly four?) people I will elect to pull a Mycroft and see if having my fingers in a number of pies can help in my quest for eventual world domination.


And on an unrelated note, here is a picture of some french toast I ate this weekend in Chicago:


And another of my sister wearing a tiger mask:


And decipher this, if you dare:

That is all. 


  1. Where is the picture of your sister holding Minnie in a superhero bag on her birthday?
    - Tommy B.

    1. Oh Tommy, you always have such insighful comments.
      Also GOOD QUESTION. I will hunt that one down.

  2. I'm totally with you- the busier I am, the better I manage my time. As long as I remember to slow down and breathe sometimes. And, well, eat lunch. So don't forget the important things haha!


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