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Monday, August 13, 2012


So, it occurred to me that I haven't posted in almost two weeks, and that the last time I did was not the happiest post ever.  Needless to say I'm still here, still definitely wanting to write.

Actually, the main reason I haven't been posting is that I have been on vacation in Montana!  Sweet, sweet vacation...I haven't taken a whole week off from work since our honeymoon, almost exactly one year ago, so this was much needed.

It was glorious.  I ate awesome food, read a shit ton of fiction (1,972 pages actually), hiked 38 miles over 5 days, saw two black bears and three mountain goats, and remembered why life is awesome.  There's nothing like the mountains and fresh air to put the world in perspective.

I OWN YOU, mountains.
Just kidding, you cannot own the earth...haven't you people ever seen Disney's Pocahontas??

I have a number of recipes to share, but some of them just don't result in pretty photos and some of them are very summerish, and summer is almost over.  So instead, here's a brief recap of what I've been doing other than tromping through the wilderness and not checking my email.

Being a baby-carrying bridesmaid in Alex and Karl's wedding
Love :)
Celebrating this little nugget's 24th birthday...

...with Tequila!!

Speaking of Julianna, she is moving to Chicago on Friday :(  Wah wah wah... I can't believe she's moving away, and this time the move is somewhat permanent since her degree will take at least 5 years, and who knows where she'll end up afterwards.  But, while this means she probably won't be calling me up to ask if she can pop by and use my shower anytime soon (yes, this actually does happen with some regularity), it also means lots of Chicago road trips!  That can only be a good thing right?

OK...well it's been a long and weird day.  I'm off to yoga and then to make myself some dinner... I'll post more photos from Montana as soon as I can combine the ones from our camera with my dad's photos... huzzah.

Happy Monday?


  1. Looks like a fun trip- you've been busy! I've been cracking up at ehrmagerd memes lately haha

  2. Haha, lol about post. Can you fix your images, interesting to look at them!
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