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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This might become a thing on my blog.  I'm not sure - I am hesitant to make promises because I get distracted so easily that this might be the one and only WHAT ARE YOU??!? entry ever to exist. 

While I don't think WHAT ARE YOU??!? is something that is necessarily appropriate to yell out of your pickup at someone's dog while driving past them on a lovely afternoon, It is sometimes a reasonable question. I come across a lot of things whose very identity and existence on the earth just confuse me.  Peeps, for example.  Also colored jeans.  I personally would not include my dog in this category, but the random dudes driving down Grand Avenue may beg to differ.

Here are the current top 3 items on my WHAT ARE YOU list:

The 1089 Grand Building

There is no deeper, metaphorical meaning to this question - I very literally want to know what you are.  For the last several weeks you have been taunting me with you cute yet ambiguous posters and vague ridiculousness.  Repeated google searches turn up nothing. It's almost as though you don't exist.  But, you do exist and I walk past you every day.  I seriously can't wait until the end of May, I need to know NOW. After sneaking a peek through the open door during construction hours, I see that you are probably awesome.  Please be a bar that serves delicious beverages.
If you are not a pub, I will be very upset

The Minnesota Opera

Minnesota Opera, I really like you.  I have season tickets and I think you put on amazing shows.  That being said...what the hell with the hipster tweeting? 

There's so much going on in this one facebook post, I don't even know where to begin.  For starters, if you have to say something is super hip, it probably isn't.  Secondly, 'hipster nomeclature?'  This whole post sounds like something my grandma would write, which is not a great start if you're trying to be hip and relevant.  Secondly, your tweets tell us nothing about the opera itself or why we should want to watch it - mostly they just seem to be mocking hipsters.  I mean, I have been known to write rambling expliative-filled opera reviews, but I generally do this while drunk at 1am, and I have no illusions that what I'm writing is good or that I should get paid for it.


So...are you an opera company that wants to make itself relevant to a younger population by leveraging social media?  Are you an actual hipster?  Are you making fun of hipsters??? WHAT IS HAPPENING.   You're're doing it wrong.

In all seriousness though, the way to use Twitter to be relevant to a younger population is to use the platform correctly.  Cake in 15 has an excellent entry on how MNOp could have actually executed this well, so I'll leave that part to the experts.

The FSN North Girls

What is your purpose.  You seem to have no marketable skills other than a) having white teeth and b) informing me that I am watching the Twins on FSN North, which I already knew.  Overall, this does not bode well for you and your career options.  Your existence simultaneously confuses and irritates me.


Also, after finally practicing yoga yesterday for the first time in over a week, I feel much better about life.  On the more philisophical "what are you??" level, I think it's sometimes easy to get wrapped up in one aspect of who we are - usually the aspect that's stressing us out the most, which for me right now is work.

I tend to just assume everything that goes wrong is somehow my fault, and that there was something I could have done to fix it even when this is totally not the case.  I just need to remind myself that 1) just because many things are crazy right now does not mean that I am a failure - it just means that sometimes, things get crazy, and 2) I'm not defined by any one part of my life - it's the whole picture that matters.

And on that note, happy Wednesday!


  1. Something to add to the list...

    1. Nominations for WHAT ARE YOU are definitely welcome, and somehow you always manage to find the most amazing gems on the internets.

  2. I'm very curious, as a local here. That Grand building sounds scandalously fantastic- they certainly are doing a good job of marketing since we;re curious!


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