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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally...time to relax!

I love my weekend jaunts to places like Boston and San Francisco, but they really take it out of me energy-wise.  I felt like I was just constantly sleep-deprived and was really looking forward to a weekend of lounging around in my pajamas drinking tea.  The weekend was a little rainy and cloudy - basically perfect for curling up on the couch with some tea and a book :)

In a related story, Mini has recently discovered that she can jump onto high surfaces.  She used to feel confined to chairs, beds and couches but no more.  Now, no table, counter or windowsill is out of her reach.  It is terrifying.

Tea, and cat photo bomb

Delicious new tea from Boston


I also did a little shoppin' this weekend, and bought a new dress at Anthropologie.  I saw it on the rack and thought hey, that dress would be perfect for work.  Well when I tried it on I realized that it does not feel necessarily work-appropriate.  I think if I wore it with tights it would be fine, but the fact that the hem is longer in back than in the front makes it feel more revealing, maybe?  Regardless, it makes me look like I am 8 feet tall (I am not) and have the legs of a gazelle (I do not) so - purchased!
Work-appropriate?  You be the judge.
On Saturday we went to dinner and the opera!  The show was Madame Butterfly, which is probably my favorite.  It's my Taj Mahal of operas - I expected to be underwhelmed because it is so famous, and ended up being completely blown away.  Puccini...the man knows how to write a melody.  Plus Kelly Kaduce rocks the shit.  Also it was way too cold and windy to be exposing my bare legs to the elements, but this did not stop me from wearing my new dress out.  Take that, weather.

We kicked off the evening with a sushi dinner at Sakura.  Butterfly is set in Japan, so it seemed like an appropriate choice.  Despite the host's strong recommendation that we make an early reservation, we breezed through dinner with two hours left until the opera.  What to do?  Drink, obviously!  

Perusing the menu

Salad and seaweed apps

More tea!

Sunday was brunch with my parents, more relaxing, and re-organizing our bookshelves. Super exciting.  In the evening we went to my friend Ellie's birthday party, and then to Tessa's for GAME OF THRONES.  As I mentioned in my last post, I wasn't so hot on the second book, so it's not too surprising that I am a little lukewarm on the second season of the series.  Some plotlines are awesome, others get boring quickly.  But every line out of Peter Dinklidge's mouth is GOLD.  Pure gold.  I would watch the show for his scenes alone.

Yoga last night was awesome.  The theme was "patience," and we worked on...hamstrings obviously.  Monday night was the intermediate/advanced class so we built up to Titibasana (Firefly) and Kurmasana (tortise pose). 


Patience is definitely the key especially with Kurmasana, but I surprised myself by actually being able to get into the pose!  Normally I get claustrophibic and freak out, convinced my hips/shoulders/other body parts will break if I try to go any further.  But this time, I just took it one step at a time.   Stop, breathe, inner spiral.  Go a little deeper.  Stop and breathe, inner spiral again.  By the end I was basically flat on the ground.  Who knew??

Anyway, there's your little yoga inspiration for the day.  Just be patient and you too can squash your upper arms into the ground using your thighs.  Hooray!

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  1. I just bought a dress with that same hem, and I haven't been sure about it for work yet or not (it is sleeveless so I haven't worn it yet because of temperature anyway.) Its really cute though, wherever you wear it!


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