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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

It's a new holiday - I like pretend I invented it. Basically Christmas Eve-Eve is an excuse for Ben and I to have our own, quiet celebration before the family insanity set in. Last year we had a quiet night in, cooked together and watched HP6, and then had our own Christmas Eve-Morning gift exchange. This year we have family dinner obligations tonight so we can't cook together, but we do have a date later tonight with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and a glass of scotch or two.

Last night I had my High School girlfriends over for our annual White Elephant gift exchange - this year's treasures included a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush, hilarious notes that my friend Katie confiscated from her students, and a sock monkey dressed like a pirate that dances while singing Kanye. The singing dancing Ke$ha monster also made a triumphant return and I made sure that it ended the night in my possession.

Katie and Emily gave Sid a makeover

Amanda was an hour late, but it's OK because she was baking these!

Imperial Stout Porter brewed with spruce tips - amaaaazing

Tess showing off her Biebs toothbrush

Sid is the life of the partay!


The club can't even handle him right now...

Happy with my loot

Ben and I also bought a pretty awesome Christmas gift for ourselves this year, and it arrived this morning right after I got back from breakfast with Julianna at Butter - our new bar cabinet! I loved its appearance when I saw it in the store - but when I opened it up and saw that it was a BAR CABINET, I knew we had to have it.

See, right now our wine glasses and liquor are stored here:

Not so easy for the 5'5" crowd to reach up there

Thus enters...

Placing the inaugural bottle

"I don't see any booze in here Sid..."

Mini is planning her next bender

"Where's mah martini glass??"

I'm going to try to unplug for the next couple of days, so I probably won't be back online until after Christmas (I do have a scheduled post for tomorrow but it's short) - so have a safe and happy holiday!

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