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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cartoon Party?

Well, I just got returned from going to the liquor store in my sweatpants like a champion, and now Ben and I are enjoying a stout and watching movies on Netflix. This is a normal Saturday for functional adults right? At least Ben is wearing real pants...

Last night, Ben and I went to Tessa's parents annual Christmas party. We ate ridiculous amounts of cheese and macaroons, drank some wine and had fun catching up with friends. Our good friend Tyler arrived at the exact same time we did, followed by our friend Paul who was running late because he had forgotten that the party was actually at Tessa's parents place, and not Tessa's place. Also, due to the confusion over the location, Paul may have misjudged the family-friendly nature of this gathering and showed up with four boxes of egg nog and a bottle of 151. We drank it anyways.

We all had a great time discussing books, movies, and Twins Baseball and before we knew it, it was almost midnight. Tess had to work at 9am so we dispersed - but before the night was up I took some lovely photos of my friends, the food and decorations...

...unfortunately my camera decided to mysteriously destroy all of them :( So instead of posting photos from last night's party, I will employ my mad artistic skills and attempt to re-create the scene using stick figures.

Ben and I, all dressed up on our way to the party!

Paul arrives bearing inappropriate beverages.
"Wait is this like...a family gathering? Oh well."
Me and Tess enjoying some delicious vino!

Tessa's parents' beautiful tree!

(There is a reason I never draw anything. Also please just ignore the fact that in the first drawing I appear to be wearing shoes, but by the second they have mysteriously vanished. This is not representative of actual events, I just forgot to draw them...)

It's been raining here all week, but when we left the party last night, it had just begun to snow - a light dusting of big, fluffy flakes. I've heard rumors of warm weather this week but my fingers are crossed that on Christmas it will look more like this:

Snow 3

We definitely have a busy few days ahead of us: baking cookies with some girls from grad school tomorrow, get-togethers with college and high-school friends throughout the week, and last-minute shopping. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas week, and, if you're celebrating Christmas, I hope you get a chance to relax and and spend time with the people you love. And drink a gingerbread latte or several cause they only come around once a year :)


  1. ha, I love this- if I'm at home (no matter what time of day) there's a good chance I'm wearing pajama pants :)

  2. Haha yes, me too! When I get home from work, pants are the first thing to come off.

    ...that sounded way inappropriate. But yeah when I'm at home, it's pretty much pajama pants or sweatpants.

  3. hehe- I want to go to a cartoon party too!

  4. gah! I had a long ass comment that got deleted!
    anyhow, in short: your art is like Monet next to my chicken scratch. And I alternate between yoga pants (at work) to sweats (at home). I don't do jeans or anything dressy to work. Ever. Then again, I'm a chef so I can get away with it.

  5. Oh man, I wish I could do that and get away with it! I think it would probably result in a serious talking to from my boss, though. Even jeans are only OK on Fridays... because somehow, wearing dress pants makes you do your job better...?


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