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Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Happy New Year?" - A Playlist

After bragging silently to myself in yoga class on Thursday night about how I hardly ever get sick anymore since I started practicing yoga, my immune system promptly decided to have an epic failure. Hubris,'s a real thing. I started getting chest-congesty-type symptoms literally as I was driving home, and by 8pm I almost couldn't talk. I now have the voice of a chain smoker and the energy of a 90-year-old...needless to say the party shoes are staying off tonight.

Since I feel so shitty, I've been spending most of the day sitting around, making Shiva collages for the yoga room (dork) and putting together playlists on Spotify. Thus, I bestow upon you my gift for 2011 - my New Years playlist. I'm only calling it that because I made it today and I would highly recommend that you NOT listen to this if you are all pumped to get your drink on tonight. You might end up sitting and staring pensively at a wall all night feeling all your feelings. But it's damn good music. So, your choice.

1) The Lions Roar by First Aid Kit

2) dash by DeYarmond Edison (so bummed I could not find a full-length version of this song...but it's on Spotify and iTunes :) )

Anyways, if you're going out I hope you have fun! I'll be staying in with Ben, a couple of close friends, two bottles of champagne and some cookies. I added sprinkles to the cookies because it makes them more festive. And also because it's an excuse to add sprinkles...not that I usually need one.

Happy New Year!

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