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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rain = ew.

Sorry for the double posting but... ew.
Yes you read the post title correctly. It is raining. In December in Minnesota. Not just drizzling or misting, this is serious rain and it is not messing around. I guess maybe we should all be thankful that it isn't more snow, piling on top of the 85 billion feet of snow already on the ground but come on. And to make matters worse, the rain and warmish weather are melting the snow and leaving giant puddles-slash-lakes all over the street, sidewalks and pretty much everywhere and turning Minneapolis into a giant, grey sludgy mess.

Well played, Minnesota weather. Well played indeed. You may have won this one but I am leaving the country in two days and will not return until you've decided to be more reasonable.

I also wonder if the gross weather is creating gross people. Following the mean people run-ins that ticked me off so much a couple of weeks ago, Ben had ANOTHER mean person encounter just a couple of days ago! He was parking his car outside my apartment and acidentally love-tapped the person behind him... which obvioulsy isn't awesome, but it's something everyone has probably done at least a couple of times. As luck would have it the car's owner saw this happen and came at Ben, yelling "What is wrong with you??" and asking if he was drunk or high. Ben being the extremely polite person that he is, apologized profusely and asked if the gentleman (note: I am using this term quite loosely) would like his number and insurance information in case there was any damage. This offer was not so politely declined. So basically, dude just wanted to yell at somebody, regardless of whether there was an actual problem.

This just confuses me so much. But you already know that, I don't need to rant about it again. I would just encourage everyone to remember that when someone yells at you or tries to make you feel bad about yourself, it's much more about them than it is about you. The other night in class, Ali mentioned that meanness and irritability are hidden deep in our hips and glutes, so maybe our neighborly friend just needs to hang out in supine pigeon for a while. Mean guy - if you are reading this, I highly encourage you to do some hip openers. Please.

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