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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some days, I wake up energized and excited to go to my 6am yoga class. The crisp morning air awakens my mind and I bound down Emerson noticing every little detail, excited to start my day.

Today was not one of those days. I snoozed my alarm. Then I turned off my alarm. Then I realized class was starting in 20 minutes and I'd better get my butt out of bed if I wanted to get dressed and make it there in time. My head felt like it was full of cotton but I managed to pull on pants and a t-shirt and shuffle out the door. Working against me was the fact that the sunrise has been noticeably later this week. Working for me was the fact that my fiance, who only moments beforehand had looked sleepy and peaceful still in bed, decided to get up for a run, leaving me less motivation to stay snuggled up under the sheets.

I think I always feel like I should feel super motivated and excited about everything all the time, but if practicing yoga has taught me anything, it's that not every day is our best day - and that's ok. If I'm not feeling super-excited about practicing on a given morning, I can acknowledge that, tell myself it's OK, and work to the best of my ability. And feeling like I would rather stay in bed doesn't mean I shouldn't go to class - it actually means that I really, really should, because maybe my mind needs to work through some stuff.

...and good thing I went to class, because I ran into a friend from school! It probably wasn't my most mentally engaged practice ever, but at least I went, which is the bulk of the battle. Not every day can be my best day.

In a related story regarding general confusion, I also ran into the CEO of the company I'm interning for in the bathroom this morning - I've never met her personally but recognized her from her quarterly update videos. It was also during this bathroom trip that I decided to look in the mirror for the first time that day and realized that my cardigan was askew by one button. Good thing she has no idea who I am.

Enlightenment is the "quiet acceptance of what is". I believe the truly enlightened beings are those who refuse to allow themselves to be distressed over things that simply are the way they are.
- Wayne Dyer

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